Growing up..

It is so fascinating to see my little sister grow up. Oh yeah, she’s still the baby of the family and rightfully enjoys all the benefits of the position, but she’s growing up. The fact that she’s not the little baby who once held my fingers anymore pains me but to see her morph into a talented, beautiful young girl fills me with pride and awe. She’s childish in some ways, I believe that goes with the territory but she is also understanding, caring and mature sometimes.
I am a little worried about her.. just an elderly concern. I am very protective of her and I don’t want her to lose her innocence just yet. I don’t know, I want us to be close, to share mundane, random things with each other; I want her to confide in me. Which is kind of tricky because of our age difference (not much, 5 years, but it is still big) and our mind sets.
Anyway, right now, I am just glad I have her and I want her to know that I love her and I will always be there for her- through thick and thin.


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