Hello there!

Its been ages since last I posted here.. thing is, I made another blog: thedepthsofmybrain.wordpress.com (long story, but do go ahead and take a look at it) plus life happened. So much has happened in my life ever since joining the university, in a good way, surely. I have learned a lot from various experiences, my thoughts have evolved and I have somewhat outgrown that little, “school-going girl” phase.
Life, moments are passing me by and I have no control over it. When is life ever in our control, huh? I would if I could just stop the time, hold these precious moments and clutch them close to my heart wherein yes, I’m an adult but I also get to learn from my mistakes. Like it’s perfectly normal because I’m a “beginner” in the world of adulthood. Haha 😀
Anyway, you and I both know that’s impossible. So why fret over it? Clearly, the best way to gain more from life is by living it- learn as you grow. Mistakes are inevitable, we’re not perfect, but hey, you don’t have to beat yourself up for it. Learn from it and be a better person!


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